I just flipped through my scheduler and realized my last stay-home day was 3 months ago! So I thought I should make time for myself today to have a good rest at home. I guess I needed that. My dark eye circles are getting worse from all the late nights and staring at the computer screen at work.

Thankfully, next friday will be my last day at DBS. No more OTs and dragging myself out of bed every morning for work. But I’m sure I’ll miss my lovely colleagues. Gonna treasure the last week of work starting tomorrow!

Yesterday was a happy day! Gave credit ops team building a miss cause Seb and I already had plans on :) Drove to JB and Seb brought me to this place which serves really cheap and good bak kut teh! Yum! Spent the day shopping at Jusco before we decide to head back to Singapore. Long car ride with many random chats with beloved boyfriend, accompanied by the radio playing the bestest songs..what a great way to spend a Saturday! And since Jurong Hill is rather near Tuas, we went there and I must say the night view was really breathtaking! Dinner cum supper at East Coast to end off the day. I love days like this, really :)

Alright, shall go take a short nap before heading out for dinner with my family. Might be getting my laptop tonight. Excited much. Enjoy your Sunday people!


All smiles


For your viewing pleasure :)

Astons with Jolene & Xin Ying
10 April 2010


Youth Wing Induction
17 April 2010


NV Speech Day
23 April 2010



Cycling @ ECP + Pool @ Marine Parade
1 May 2010



Xiao Xian’s Birthday Celebration @ Pitstop Cafe & Hot Pot Culture
9 May 2010


Chill out @ IndoChine
17 May 2010


Cruise to Redang
21 May – 23 May 2010








Sec 3 NCO Camp
29 May – 30 May 2010


Seb’s Birthday Surprise
31 May 2010


Dinner Date with Joyce
9 June 2010


Meet Up with Eileen, Cherlyn & Sophia
16 June 2010


Youth Wing Team Bonding Day
19 June 2010


BBQ @ Mr Lim’s place
26 June 2010

With Love,

I hope you can hold me forever, but forever is over.
I know I wouldn’t get the chance to say this anymore,
So for the very last time on your very last father’s day,
I love you, Dad.
Happy Father’s Day.

Turn it up


1) Cruise to Redang
2) Sec 3 NCO Camp
3) GSS shopping trips
4) Seb’s bday celebration(s)
5) Midnight movies: ‘Sex and the city 2’, ‘The unmistaken child’
6) Many many good food: Ding Tai Fung, New York New York, Marché, Irodori, Sho Teppan, Tom and Tom’s Cafe, Double Bay, Ben & Jerry’s, Hong Kong Cafe
7) Drinks at Indochine, Chijmes
8) Lots of random meet ups with friends
9) Great times spent with Seb, not to forget the many late nights out
10) Countless hours of OT

That pretty much sums up the past 3 weeks of my life :) I realize I’ve been reaching home no earlier than 10pm everyday, with my last stay home day being like yearsssssss ago! Life’s good like that, at least there are things for me to look forward to as I stare at numbers and figures for 10 hours everyday in a freezing cold office. 3 more weeks to the end of working life! Can’t wait! :)

Okay off to have a nice shower now before I crash. Photos up soon!

Tipping point


It’s a rainy thursday morning, how I wish I get to sleep in. Lack of sleep lately cause there are just too many things bothering me.

It’s yet another rejection letter. This time I broke down. Did I not study hard enough? These trials, they seem to come one after another. Sounds pathetic but I’m expecting the 3rd rejection letter soon. Oh well, just gotta suck it up and try to stay positive.

Teaching tuition after work today, hope my student passes her mid years, if not I’ll be sucha lousy tutor. Work time please pass faster today. Have a good day all! :)

♥ happiness is a choice ♥